Let’s talk about the use of this best sex doll

Let’s talk about the use of this best sex doll.

First because it is made of TPE material, the smell is there, but it is not very big. The first time it is used, it is obvious, but after a few days, it will not be felt. Overall, it is quite satisfactory. After all, the price of 1300 US dollars is already very cost-effective. What a bike!
Second, it still benefits from the TPE material. This physical best sex doll is very soft and feels very smoothly. The phone is very good.
Three, the experience is good. I did not directly fight the blow up doll in the first few days after I bought it, and Ai Ai was not in a hurry. But after a few days, I really couldn’t help it, because I would see her every day, which was actually too tempting. One night, I slept with this entity blow up doll , and we tried many different poses. It's a bit tight inside, but the feeling of wrapping is very comfortable and wonderful, which makes me very satisfied, both physically and mentally.
In fact, there is no experience, that is, when you are passionate with the entity blow up doll, you must maintain a good atmosphere, and you can prepare some music movies; when you play with the entity blow up doll, you must be gentle and don't hurt the doll; Yes, you must use a condom, so it will be much easier to clean up; the most important point, the weight factor must be considered!

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