Male blow up doll's skin! touch!

Blow up doll makes you feel the most delicate experience !

When I first touched the skin of the product, I was shocked. A complete skin experience, her skin feels a bit icy, like the feeling of touching it with your warm hands in an air-conditioned room for a long time. After turning on the heating device, if I ask me to rate it, its similarity can reach 95%
Because when we touch human skin, it is the feel of the epidermis and dermis. Some people's skin is tighter and not so soft to the touch, and even some skinny ones can feel the hardness of the bones.
But it is different. Its skin is all made of the same material. You can hardly feel the bones, but it has a soft skin.This is the best sex doll I have ever used from SEXREXY.

In addition, I must know what everyone is most concerned about
About tactile evaluation of adipose tissue and breast tissue
Can satisfy all your feelings about A-E. In order to better imitate the real feeling, the current anime sex dolls have specially made technical improvements, and the similarity with real women has reached 98%.
It is quite comfortable for the feel, after all, most users choose this one not just for the handrail,

More friends let me test and explain the profound things in a simple way
Whether it feels the same as a real person, I will publish an article in conjunction with the voice in the next update.

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