Method of rapidly increasing the intimacy of sex relationships

For example, when you wake up in the morning, your boyfriend wakes up with morningwood, you always worried that he will dislike the taste of his mouth when you want to kiss.

Or, after the sex, your partner went to sleep directly, and you couldn’t help but worry: I didn’t do it well enough.

Or, you are not proficient in your blow job skill and he is not feeling uncomfortable.

And: “I have too many body hairs, will it affect the feelings of the other party when making love?”

“When I try the cowgirl position, my legs are always weak, will he lose interest?”

“I always want to try more position with him, but I am ashamed to say, worry that he thinks I am too lascivious.” and so on.

Looking at these problems, I seem to have seen myself before. I used to do this. After making love, I cant always know the feelings of my boyfriend, and I’m ashamed to mention sex. The intimacy seems to be a little less intimate.

There are not a few people who have such concerns and concerns. Yes, in the relationship between the two sexes, we often refer to intimate relationships, but few people will talk about intimacy in sexual relations.

Then, how should we solve this problem?

I will share with you a very simple method that will help you quickly establish a close relationship with your partner.

Today, I still enjoy the joy of this method with my partner.

The method is simple: after each sex, relax for a few minutes, during which you can hug, kiss or caress. I usually hug with my sweetheart for a while.

Then, we will talk about each other experiences, talk about each other’s inner feelings, or what is the most special place in this sex, what you like, what you don’t like, and be honest with each other. Of course, pay attention to the way of expression.

You can say to your partner: “sweetheart, you just touched my nipple directly. My feeling is not so strong. If you touch me from the edge of the breast to the nipple, it will be very comfortable…. .”

You can also say in a spoiled tone: “Emmm… I found that my belly button is also a sensitive area. When you just kissed me, I like it very much. It’s like a shock, it seems like an electric shock!”

If you have a place you don’t like, you have to say it. For example: “Honey, isn’t it right for us to adopt a new position tonight? I feel that the feeling is not so strong, and I can’t orgasms for a long time. How do you feel?”

You can also tease him when he tells you about his experience: “I just felt comfortable when I did this? Would you like to come again?”

In the beginning, some people may not be too embarrassed to say. Just like when I first did it with my boyfriend, the two of us often quit each other: you come first, you come first. When I said it, I blushed and I felt very cute when I think about it. So, it doesn’t matter, take your time.

But remember: our purpose is to have a more harmonious sexual relationship, so only when we say it, we will know how to make sex more harmonious, beautiful and happier.

I told my boyfriend to name this little method “romantic sex.” Sometimes, the two of us just relished the passion, just fell into the happiness just now, could not help but come back to the game of love.

romantic sex

You see, the “romantic sex” after making love not only makes our feelings more intimate but also the relationship between “sex” is more harmonious and happy.

In doing so, we can effectively avoid excessive speculation about our partner’s feelings or doubts about ourselves.

On the contrary, you are no longer confused with some meaningless self-inquiries: Does he comfortable with my new skills, he didn’t kiss me, whether is it because of my bad taste of mouth, whether he is not satisfied with my blow job and so on.

Those negative self-doubts will blow your sexual experience and even destroy your next sexual experience. Therefore, I suggest that everyone talk to each other after each sex, listen to the feedback of the other party, improve the understanding of the partner’s body, and understand the nature itself. Again, your partner will feel this way.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be too limited in form. It is a small game, an interaction, and a real language to describe and express.

There is no need to have a complicated feeling for this little game. Everyone is a life with sexual desire. Just like cooking and shopping, sex is a part of your life. When you know enough about it, you will be able to make yourself more comfortable and enjoy the ultimate happiness. At the same time, increase your self-confidence in sex.

After all, the environment we live in and the education we receive always limit us to talking about sex. If you don’t talk to other people, just think about it. If we can’t say or talk about our own partner, how can we feel it?

There are no perfect people, and of course, there is no perfect sex. Sharing afterward is to let us face the imperfections, feel it, accept it, perfect it, and then create a harmonious and harmonious sex intimacy.

As we increase the number of exercises after the event, you will find that you are more and more natural in the face of your partner and you can truly feel the respect and understanding of you. You can honestly face your feeling with your partner and be more frankly to love.

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