Science simulation doll TPE entity doll and silicone entity doll difference

Today intends to popularize the issue of simulation doll material, this issue is very important, is the first thing to consider when buying dolls, it directly affects the doll's ornamental and usability. Why is called entity doll? The so-called entity is the body of the doll is composed of bones and muscles, the current market bones are basically metal hollow tube plus metal joints. Muscle part of the material has silicone material and TPE material, silicone dolls are also commonly known as silicone dolls. These two materials have a lot in common, close to the touch of real skin, plasticity, stable nature, belong to the elastomer, so it is used in medical, food, civilian, aerospace fields.

The market price of silicone dolls in more than two thousand U.S. dollars, TPE dolls prices can be achieved 700-800 U.S. dollars (and then the quality of the low may be a problem), a large gap between the two or there are many differences. Silicone and high quality tpe in the price of raw materials is not particularly large, the difference in price per kilogram is only a few tens of dollars, the difference is mainly the process, labor cost issues and production costs.

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Positive aspects of TPE sex dolls.


  • Great quality/price ratio. Overall, TPE dolls are more affordable than silicone dolls, and the quality is still very good
  • Lifelike and fairly realistic looking
  • TPE is more flexible, squeezable and soft, allowing doll lovers to pose their dolls in more positions
  • It stays warm, but not too hot
  • Hypoallergenic

Negative effects of TPE sex dolls.

  • It may stain more easily
  • It is a porous material, so it is more difficult to clean and cannot be disinfected
  • Quality, flexibility, thickness, etc. depend on the mixture or blends used by the manufacturer and therefore vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Positive aspects of silicone sex dolls.

  • It can be heated and can be integrated with an integrated heating system
  • It is a non-porous material, so it is easier to clean and disinfect. It is hypoallergenic (similar to TPE)
  • It should be more resistant to water and stains
  • It feels real and soft

Negative effects of silicone sex dolls.


  • High price tag.
  • For some customers silicone can be sticky, so it is recommended to use baby powder
  • It does not feel as soft to the touch as TPE These dolls are harder

Thermoplastic Elastomer TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) is a rubber with high elasticity, high strength, high resilience, but also has the characteristics of injection molding process, with environmental non-toxic safety, a wide range of hardness, excellent colorability, soft touch, weather resistance, fatigue resistance and temperature resistance, superior processing performance, without vulcanization, can be recycled to reduce costs. It can be both secondary injection molding, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and safe, with excellent coloring. At present, 80% of the world's adult products manufacturers of sex toys are Tpe material.

Please note that TPE can be recycled and secondary molding this point can greatly reduce production costs, in the doll making process, defective products are a large number of these are production costs. tpe can be thermoplastic is a very easy to process the material, the late process can be completed by assembly line, greatly reducing the production process, thus producing TPE dolls manufacturers are more, competition, in order to reduce costs, low-cost The quality of tpe dolls is bound to be greatly reduced, when buying must pay attention to may be 2 material or even 3 material, the difference is to see and smell, repeated use of tpe dark color and odor. These factors are the reason why tpe material is cheap.

TPE and silicone are elastomer, but TPE has thermoplastic and does not need to go through the vulcanization process, and has the physical and mechanical properties of vulcanized rubber, which can be described as the advantages of the combination of plastic and rubber, so TPE can do than silicone Shore hardness is several times lower, silicone itself is far less soft than TPE, so tpe injection molding can freely arrange the density of the body parts of the doll, the lower the density the softer, the higher the density the more elastic. TPE than silicone has a higher degree of stretch and high resilience, ductility can reach 400%, TPE dolls can make the action range is far greater than silicone dolls, such as legs can be attached to the chest, folded almost 180 degrees, and will not tear. But please remember that either tpe or silicone can not be pulled for a long time, otherwise it will break.

The main component of silicone is silica, chemically stable, has a strong adsorption capacity, has good biocompatibility, no irritation to human tissue, non-toxic, no allergic reaction,; has good physical and chemical properties, and gas liquid contact process can maintain its original elasticity and softness, not be degraded, is a fairly stable inert material, can withstand high temperatures, can be sterilized, convenient processing molding, feel Smooth. Silicone hardness is adjustable 0 degrees softest, 20 degrees hardest, you can add silicone oil to adjust the softness.

Silicone dolls on the market belong to high-end dolls, due to heat resistance, stability than tpe dolls, service life is much higher than tpe dolls, silicone production process to be much more complex, there will be lining and local softening technology, silicone doll body material is not tpe soft, but through the softening technology, in the chest buttocks and inner thighs, can do than tpe also soft, of course, the process is much more complex. The silicone dolls are not very different from the real ones, and the Tpe dolls are much inferior in terms of face makeup and body makeup, so the sales photos are processed by PS. Silicone density, the same volume of the case, silicone is certainly heavier than tpe, but currently can reduce the weight of the doll are silicone dolls, it all depends, silicone dolls have a liner, liner material is very light, as the meat part, silicone is basically only 2-3cm as part of the skin, local plus soft part of the Ken only a few millimeters thick. Another advantage of high density is the strong shaping, the skin will appear tighter, the body curve and skin texture and other details of the stronger performance. Silicone nature is stable, not easy to stain, the oil situation is also less, in the post-maintenance care saving greatly superior to TPE material. tpe easy coloring, it is easy to be dark clothing staining, especially black and dark blue, tpe oil will also be much larger, easy to adhere to dust hair, etc., need to be diligent bathing diligent powder, maintenance to trouble a lot.

In summary, Tpe doll: material softness, tear resistance, good elasticity, easy to dye, easy to change, easy to oil, moderate life, body details and makeup painting aspects slightly inferior, can not be implanted, plant eyelashes, material matte, relatively cheap. Silicone doll: material softness, ductility slightly inferior tpe, not easy to dye, not easy to oil, not easy to deformation, long life, body curves and skin texture and other details of good performance, can be painted, can be implanted hair, eyelash implants, material shiny, relatively high price.

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