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The PronMagic brand has two sales channels, wholesale and dropship. If you are interested in becoming PronMagic wholesaler, please send us an email to :service@pronmagic.com
PronMagic DOLL can deliver to special regions, such as the Middle East and Africa. 
*PronMagic recently discovered fake products being sold and we boycott all counterfeits. PronMagic DOLL only licensed one U.S. agent to conduct offline sales. When purchase offline in other regions, there is a risk of purchasing counterfeits. Please choose carefully. Shop for authentic products on PronMagic DOLL official site or from the licensed agent. We welcome agents to contact us for more details of licensing.


If you want to establish a sex doll business or acquire a large number of sex dolls at a low cost, you'll need to discover a wholesale source that sells inexpensive sex dolls.

Of course, when we say wholesale, we're referring to Chinese sex dolls, as Japanese and American sex doll brands are rarely permitted for sale.

 According to our research, there are certain comprehensive websites in the market that integrate the resources of all sex doll manufacturers to supply legitimate sex dolls to buyers from all countries, in addition to big sellers like Alibaba, speed sell, Amazon, and dhgate. Of course, there are some websites that advertise wholesale costs to attract customers, but the actual price is as high as the retail price. You must learn to differentiate.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of wholesale silicone or TPE sex dolls from large websites such as Alibaba, Sizzle, Amazon, DHGATE, etc.?


Cheap prices. There are a lot of cheap sex dolls for sale on Alibaba, speed sell, Amazon, dhgate for $400-700. Some include shipping, some don't.

Delivery time is fast. Generally alibaba, aliexpress, amazon, dhgate on the products are in stock, overseas warehouse has stock, delivery time is relatively fast, mostly standard products.

There are many choices. There are many sex dolls brands on Alibaba, speed sell, amazon, dhgate. In addition to some well-known brands of sex dolls, there are also many lesser known smaller brands of sex dolls. If you don't care about quality, you have more options.


Half of the stores on Alibaba, Selling, Amazon, dhgate belong to brand factories, the rest belong to various trading companies' stores.


The service is not professional and not timely.

Brand factory stores have a lot of people consulting and ordering every day, so it is hard to do one-on-one professional service. They may not have time to explain in detail and there is a delay in handling after-sales issues. It will definitely affect your service to your customers and maybe your customers will never come to you to buy sex dolls again.


Cumbersome communication

If you want to wholesale many brands of sex dolls in bulk, then you will have to contact managers of many brands, your email address book will become a mess, and there are language communication problems, maybe this will make you explode. You will wonder why there is no company that consolidates all these resources, you just need to contact this company and it will help you with all your problems. Rest assured that lovedollshops is one such company. The best company for wholesale Chinese sex dolls.


Counterfeit and poor quality sex dolls are prevalent

Especially the stores of trading companies, this is the most confusing market. You'll see lover dolls for a few hundred dollars on Alibaba and Sizzler, really cheap! But in reality, you don't really know if these low-priced sex dolls are authentic. These merchants only sell beautiful pictures, and after placing an order you will receive a bunch of inflatable dolls or erotic dolls made of poor quality second-hand materials.


After our investigation, the cost of a quality sex doll includes the cost of mold production, skeleton production costs, material costs, makeup costs, packaging costs, shipping costs, after-sales costs and other costs. These costs add up to at least $600-$1000. Then you will understand why hundreds of dollars can not buy sex dolls, do not let those toxic secondary materials hurt your body.


Some small factories use secondary materials to produce sex dolls in order to reduce costs and use the skeleton and molds eliminated by other brand factories to produce poor quality sex dolls. They make the photos look good in photoshop, but the actual product is not satisfactory.


You can go to the doll forum to see what people are complaining about and how they are hit by buying cheap sex dolls.


If you still want to buy sex dolls on Alibaba, speed, Amazon, dhgate, you have to make sure the store is a factory store. It is better to choose a factory store rather than a trading company store, or buy some unknown small brand sex dolls.


Why wholesale sex dolls on PronMagic?

PronMagic is an adult wholesale site with a base of over 3 years. We consolidate most of the sex dolls brands. We welcome retail customers. We welcome wholesale customers even more. We have the best services for wholesale customers:.


Real factory tour feedback pictures and videos: If you want to wholesale a brand of sex dolls, we will accept your commission to conduct research at the sex dolls factory and give you feedback on our findings.

When you are satisfied with this brand of sex dolls and want to buy their sex dolls, we will help you to negotiate the cheapest price with the factory in charge to ensure you get the most benefit. We will only earn a small commission to support our service.

When the factory starts producing your sex dolls, we will arrange for a supervisor to visit the factory to oversee the production. Whenever the product does not meet the requirements, we will ask the factory to re-produce it until the quality meets the requirements.

After the factory finishes the production, we will arrange the best logistics company to ship the dolls (we have our own logistics company with guaranteed service), which can guarantee the delivery time and quality of the love dolls.

For any after-sales issues, we have a special after-sales customer service to contact you. As a branded factory, it may be difficult to track after-sales issues in real time, but we can. (Our customer service is fluent in English and Chinese and can communicate with you and the factory very well)

We at lovedollshops represent a number of erotic doll brands, we can guarantee that our wholesale erotic dolls are authentic, you can check with each brand to verify. Even if the brand is not available on our website, you can tell us and we will contact the brand as soon as possible to help you negotiate wholesale cooperation.


Sex dolls brand

The most important thing about wholesale is to find a trustworthy partner. We would like to be your best partner.


PronMagic Wholesale Program

The more you buy, the more you save. Now, thanks to our wholesale program, all retail customers can enjoy this incredible experience. Save money by adding more products to your cart and take advantage of higher discounts on wholesale orders.


Wholesale discounts at the same time

Enjoy 5%-30% wholesale discounts and volume purchase discounts. The wholesale discount amount will automatically be deducted from your order total in the shopping cart.


Wholesale Exclusive Pricing

Only available to our wholesalers. Up to 50% off high quality and best selling items. Buy more and save more.


Wholesale+ Service

Personalized product recommendations and detailed user guides. Assist you throughout the entire process.


Customized Service

DIY your own sex dolls, OEM with your own logo.


Contact us through the following ways to discuss wholesale cooperation, we will have a professional customer service to contact you.


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