Why Choose PronMagic

Welcome to PronMagic! We have one of the largest collections of luxury realistic sex dolls on the web. Our TPE sex dolls are lifelike, just like real humans. Upgrade your lifestyle with our realistic sex dolls and enjoy a sexy and loyal companion that will be at your service in no time.

Are you ready to spend time with an exotic beauty sex doll? Our luxury sex dolls will help you realize your deepest fantasies. These gorgeous dolls are beautifully crafted. They have exceptionally realistic features down to the smallest detail. They are also flexible and resilient. Even better, we offer a huge variety of dolls, so you can pick the one that excites you the most.

Each doll that leaves our shop is:
💖 The material is made of safe, non-toxic medical silicone (TPE).  It's soft to the touch and feels almost like the real thing. Your doll will keep her sexy shape for years.
💖 The core part is a fully articulated poseable metal alloy skeleton.. ou can place her in any position you like.
💖 Hand sculpted and thoroughly tested. Fine details matter! Finger nails, eyelashes, and other small details are made as lifelike as possible. Any dolls found to have flaws will be returned.
💖 All sex dolls come with 3 holes (anal, vaginal, mouth) for your ultimate sex pleasure.
💖 Privacy Guarantee. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us, and with our discreet packaging, you can shop with confidence. There are no logos, brands, product names and any other words on the outer packaging. I just want you to shop on our site with confidence!
💖 Cost Reduction Guarantee. We have set up a branch in China and are in direct contact with branded sex doll factories to get better prices for dolls of the same design, also, unlike other retail stores, our prices are only the cost of the sex dolls and we do not add high cost delivery fees to our doll prices. This is because we can offer the most economical way to ship our dolls. If you like to save money, you can choose standard shipping, which takes 6-9 weeks to US, 4-5 weeks to EU/UK, slower than expedited shipping but its cost-effective and what we recommend. If you are in a hurry, you could also choose expedited shipping, only take 5-7 business day to get it after finished, and costs $350-$450 per doll. It is available for most countries. Whichever way you prefer, I'm sure it will cost a lot less than the other ways. If you are in a hurry to get it and don't want to wait for production, you could choose a ready-to-ship sex doll that stored in our AU/CA/EU/UK/US warehouse that could reach you in 3-7 business days but without customization.
💖 Price Match Guarantee. Unlike other stores, who sell most of their dolls between $1000 and $3000, here at PronMagic, most dolls start at a few hundred dollars, as does our domain name, buycheapsexdoll.This is because in 2018, one of our sex doll lover customers told us he was trying to find a trustworthy online supplier so that he could always buy the latest quality dolls at reasonable prices, and then he found us. Since then, as long as the cost is still in control, our sex dolls are able to maintain the lowest price in this field. Because we want to build a long term relationship with our customers, we are also happy to see that our customers always keep buying more and more dolls from us.
💖 Photo Match Guarantee. We only offer quality dolls made from quality materials. At the same time, our experienced artists are dedicated to creating the best possible face and body that match the product photos. Therefore, once you place an order, you can contact us to get the real photos of the product at the factory. We want every customer to have a hassle-free shopping experience with PronMagic

PronMagic Sex Doll Size Specifics

WMDOLL Special Type

Body Size Net Weight Full Bust Under Bust Waist Hip Foot Length Shoulder Breadth Vagina Depth Anus Depth Oral Depth
WM 175cm Man 57kg 86cm / 77cm 97cm / / 18cm 15cm 12CM
WM174CM 41.6kg 90cm 71cm 61cm 92cm
WM 173cm H-cup 45kg 100cm / 59cm 110cm / 46cm 18cm 15cm 12CM
WM 172cm B 37.5kg 79cm 66cm 58cm 86cm
WM 172cm D 37.6kg 85cm 65cm 59cm 85cm
WM 172cm 41kg 89cm 57cm 60cm 94cm 22cm 35cm 18cm 15cm 12CM
WM 171cm 36kg 82cm / 43cm 83cm / 39cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
WM170D 36.2kg 83cm 58cm 52cm 81cm
WM 170cm H-cup 41kg 89cm 57cm 54cm 97cm 22cm 35cm 18cm 15cm 12CM
WM 170cm M-cup 41kg 102cm 57cm 54cm 97cm 22cm 35cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
WM 168cm A-cup 28kg 69cm 58cm 53cm 71.5 21cm 32cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
WM 168cm L-cup 54kg 110cm 84cm 78cm 120cm 24cm 42cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
WM 166cm C-cup 33kg 81cm 62cm 53cm 84cm 21cm 42cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
WM 167 41kg 98cm 63cm 61.5cm 95cm
WM 165cm L-cup 35kg 110cm 59cm 56cm 83cm 22.5cm 31cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
WM 163cm H-cup 51kg 96cm 69cm 67.5cm 113cm 21cm 42cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
WM 164 J 34kg 78cm 61cm 91cm
WM 164 F 34kg 76cm 61cm 91cm
WM 162cm E-cup 35kg 81cm 57cm 91cm
WM 162cm F-cup 33.3kg 83cm 56cm 54cm 87cm
WM 162cm B-cup 42kg 88cm 76cm 66cm 91cm 21cm 40cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
WM 160cm B-cup 42kg 78cm 62cm 52.5cm 102cm 21cm 35cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
WM 160cm D-cup 39kg 81cm 63cm 60cm 98cm 21.5cm 33cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
WM 157B 29.4kg 65cm 53cm 47.5cm 76.5cm
WM 158cm Pregnant 41kg 81cm 67.5cm 84cm 96cm 21.5cm 36cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
WM 158cm L-cup 45kg 100cm 68cm 80cm 100cm / 37cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
WM 158cm G-cup 32kg 98cm 67cm 59cm 100cm / 35cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
WM 156 M 47.5kg 94cm 65cm 64cm 105cm
WM 156cm H-cup 40kg 93cm 65cm 54cm 96cm 21cm 37cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
WM 155 L 34.1kg 95cm 51cm 47cm 92cm
WM 155cm D-cup 29kg 84cm 49cm 41cm 77.5cm 21cm 34cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
WM 152cm 37kg 85.5cm 54cm 53cm 103cm 20.5cm 37cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
WM 150cm M-cup 47kg 95cm 60cm 52cm 114cm 20cm 42cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
WM142 27kg 80cm 49cm 41cm 76cm
WM 140cm A-cup 25kg 65cm 56cm 49cm 75cm 20cm 32.5cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
WM 140cm D-cup 26kg 75cm 57cm 50cm 75cm 20cm 32.5cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
WM 118cm 19kg 68.5cm 48.5cm 44cm 68cm 19.5cm 28cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
WM 108cm 21kg 78cm / 46cm 81cm / 25cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
WM 80cm 4.5kg 39.5cm 30.5cm 27.5cm 41cm 12cm 16.5cm 15cm N N
WM B12 26kg 101cm / 62cm 109cm / / 17cm 16cm 12cm
WM B9 Torso 21kg 87cm / 54cm 104cm / / 17cm 16cm 12cm
WM B10 Torso 17kg 81cm / 60cm 93cm / / 17cm 16cm 12cm
WM B11 Torso 29kg 120cm / 56cm 115cm / / 17cm 16cm 12cm
WM B15 Torso 23kg 96cm / 54cm 86cm / / 17cm 16cm 12cm

WM Dolls Normal Type

WM 168cm 40kg 91cm 68cm 60cm 90cm 23cm 36cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
WM 167cm 41kg 98cm / 62cm 95cm 21cm 34cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
WM 166cm 36kg 76cm / 56cm 85cm 21cm 34cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
WM 165cm 38KG 87cm 66cm 83cm 96cm 21cm 36cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
WM 163cm 34kg 82cm 66cm 62cm 82cm 21cm 34cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
WM 162cm 42kg 88cm 75cm 64cm 90cm 20cm 43cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
WM 161cm 35kg 91cm 67cm 60cm 84cm 22cm 36cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
WM 158cm 31kg 85.5cm 68cm 60.5cm 86cm 21.5cm 38cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
WM 158cm A-cup 28kg 63cm 60cm 52.5cm 78cm 21.5cm 33cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
WM 156cm 29kg 73cm 61cm 58cm 79cm 21cm 32cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
WM 153cm 32kg 78cm 62cm 56cm 82cm 21.5cm 34cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
WM 150cm 37kg 90cm 60cm 55.5cm 95cm 21cm 34cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
WM 148cm 29kg 94cm / 50cm 80cm / / 18cm 15cm 12cm
WM 146cm 25kg 62cm / 44cm 70cm / 26cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
WM 145cm D-cup 29kg 80cm 60cm 51cm 83cm 20.5cm 33cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
WM 145cm B-cup 26kg 70cm 60cm 52cm 82cm / / 18cm 15cm 12cm
WM 136cm 22kg 66cm 46cm 44cm 71cm 20cm 27cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
WM 135cm 28kg 76cm 60cm 56cm 77cm 20cm 29cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
WM 125cm 24kg 67cm 54cm 53cm 73cm 20cm 31cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
WM 100cm 14kg 63cm 40cm 38cm 60cm 15.5cm 22cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
WM 65CM 2.5kg 34.5cm 27.5cm 27cm 33.5cm 8cm 14cm 15cm / /
WM B2 Torso 14kg 80cm 61cm 55cm 88cm / 35cm 17cm 16cm 12cm


YL-128cm 21kg 72cm 48cm 45cm 77cm 17.5cm 29cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
YL-135cm 28kg 78cm 60cm 58cm 85cm 19.5cm 29cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
YL-140cm 28kg 90cm 54cm 45.5cm 80cm 76cm 29cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
YL-146cm 47kg 108cm 55cm 58cm 127cm 20cm 33cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
YL-148cm Fat waist 36kg 82cm 60cm 56cm 88cm 20cm 29cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
YL-148cm Thin waist 32kg 79cm 59cm 56cm 90cm 20cm 34cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
YL-150CM 36kg 116cm 53cm 55cm 90cm 20cm 30cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
YL-151CM 30kg 73cm 58cm 51cm 85cm 20cm 38cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
YL-155cm A cup 31kg 72cm 65cm 58CM 81cm 21cm 35cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
YL-156cm 32kg 77cm 64.5cm 56.5 88.5cm 21cm 35cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
YL-154cm D cup 34kg 84cm 63cm 55cm 90cm 21cm 35cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
YL-157cm 42kg 98cm / 54cm 93cm 20cm 40cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
YL-158cm 57kg 105cm 70cm 66cm 127cm 20cm 45cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
YL-160CM 40kg 98cm 57cm 58cm 103cm 21cm 34cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
YL-165cm 40kg 85cm 65cm 56cm 104cm 21cm 35cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
YL-168cm 36kg 77cm 60cm 47cm 88cm 21.5cm 42cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
YL-170cm 37kg 84cm 64cm 53.5cm 95cm 21.5cm 37cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
YL-171cm 44kg 104cm 69cm 67cm 88cm 21cm 45cm 18cm 15cm 12cm

OR Dolls

OR 108cm 63cm 41cm 40cm 59cm 16cm 21cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
OR 146cm 31kg 78cm 59cm 67cm 90cm 20cm 35cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
OR 156cm B 33kg 74cm 59cm 52cm 80cm 21cm 35cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
OR 156cm D 33kg 80cm 69cm 52cm 82cm 21cm 38cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
OR 156cm E 33kg 77cm 57cm 52cm 82cm 21cm 38cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
OR 156cm G 33kg 90cm 68cm 59cm 86cm 21cm 38cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
OR 156cm H 33kg 97cm 65cm 59cm 96cm 21cm 38cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
OR 160cm H 43kg 95cm 68cm 64cm 103cm 20cm 38cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
OR 161cm K 38kg 110cm 59cm 57cm 89cm 21cm 33cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
OR 162cm L 43kg 104cm 61cm 62cm 102cm 20cm 37cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
OR 167cm D 32kg 77cm 58cm 54cm 80cm 23cm 32cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
OR 167cm G 33kg 94cm 59cm 59cm 95cm 24cm 38cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
B18 24kg 95cm 64cm 61cm 97cm / 37cm 18cm 15cm 12cm
  • Size for manual measurement, there may be several centimeters error, belongs to the normal phenomenon.
  • Due to differences in different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. 
  • Please do not wear easily faded doll clothes, once faded, please use TPE decolorization cream immediately.
  • Please use a physical address to receive your doll correctly. PO BOX is not available since it cannot accept large packages.


Please feel free to browse the wild collection of luxury realistic dolls. You can customize each doll to your liking or just choose a ready-to-ship sex doll will arrive within 3-7 business days, but without customization.

Don't see the customization option you want? Please click the chat button at the bottom to get an assistant.

Customized Order processing

Upon successful order placement and receipt of your payment, we will begin production of your doll immediately, which may take 7-14 day before it is ready to dispatch

Shipping & Delivery 

  • Free standard shipping to the USA. Cost-effective standard shipping to EU/UK. Expedited shipping to other countries such as Australia, Canada, Middle East, Africa, etc..
  • Anonymous Discreet Packaging - All packaging is discreet and free of labels, markings, logos or product names.
  • Delivery Time = Produce Time (7-14 days) + Shipping Time ( for Standard Shipping - his depends on your location, 6-9 weeks to the US, 4-5 weeks to the EU UK, for expedited shipping, usually 5-7 business days)
  • Want to receive your doll faster? Check out our Ready to Ship Sex Dolls with pre-build features arrive in 3-12 business days from our AU/CA/EU/UK/US warehouse.

    Package Includes

    • Sex Doll as photoed
    • Wig as photoed
    • Vagina Heating Rod
    • Vaginal Cleaning Tool
    • Random Sexy Lingerie

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